Shipping policy

Shipping policy

The estimated time for delivery or service, taking into account geographical distance, mode of delivery.

After the verification process is successful, the order will be delivered to you within the following time period (Orders outside office hours will count starting from the next morning):

Delivery address Delivery time
Inner Hanoi city 24h-48h after order
Suburban Hanoi 48h-72h after order
Inner Ho Chi Minh city 24h-48h after order
Suburban Ho Chi Minh City 48h-72h after order
Other areas 3 – 5 days after ordering

However, at peak time (holidays, New Year …) we cannot deliver immediately so we will notify the delivery time to you. Hope you sympathize!

Although rare, but if you find the product is defective or missing in the order, you can refer to the return policy or contact us via phone number 0986.666.666 – 0976.777.777 – 0911.166.666