Experts share 4 ways to distinguish genuine and fake watches

Collecting and owning luxury watches has always been a passion of many modern men today. When deciding to own an expensive item, whether it be a watch or anything else, it is extremely important to give good reasons to make an investment decision.

And even more important in Vietnam when the price of these watches, after being taxed, is much higher than the domestic price. Not only that, the phenomenon of fake goods and counterfeit goods is widespread in the market and increasingly sophisticated.

“Because people often have the psychology of that money, so the price of fake watches is also increasing,” Timothy Gordon, an online market valuation and consultancy, Lofty, shared with Business Insider.

“Like any other item, if it is popular and sold, counterfeit and shoddy goods will surely follow,” Timothy added.

The following are tips to distinguish genuine and fake watches from Timothy Gordon’s sincere sharing:

1. Research carefully and find out about the brand and model you want to buy

“To know what a fake watch is, you must first know what a genuine product looks like. What does it look like, what details do it weigh, and what kind of sound does it make, ”Timothy said.

Accordingly, you can learn the most basic information about the watch models that brands publish on the official website. Or go to watch conferences like SIHH and BaselWorld, where you can easily meet and share knowledge with real watch connoisseurs.

In addition, there are detailed analysis sets from well-known auction houses.

“When you look at analytical records and detailed reviews of reputable auction houses like Christie, Sotheby, or Bonhams, these experts really understand watches to the smallest details and Has experienced in the profession for a long time. Therefore, you can completely trust their judgment, as well as the price of these models, “Timothy said.

Accordingly, Timothy advises buyers to compare the following:

Check the price: Counterfeit goods are always cheaper than many genuine goods. “Please research carefully before buying” is the advice of Timothy.

Check out the movement: No matter how beautiful a fake watch is, it will never be equipped with a genuine movement. Accordingly, Timothy advises you to see an expert and have him examine the apparatus.

Weight test: Genuine watches often have a heavier weight than clones because they are made of high-quality materials that are durable.

Check the dial: The words such as “SWISS MADE” are usually printed very small under the number 6 to look the same height, the print must be sharp, not smudged, the text must be arranged proportionally with the number 6. The face of the watch must be perfect, not ripple, look enamel surface must be uniform, the same thickness. The numbers printed on the household must also be sharp.

Check the clock: The needle must be balanced, with the sharp needle, the bevel on the right is an isosceles triangle, the kink in the middle of the needle must go from the top to the bottom. In general, genuine watches are a very delicate masterpiece of symmetry, while counterfeit goods often have blemishes, disproportionate deviations. Just pay close attention to find out.

Accompany the audio test:

Reputable watchmakers have spent hundreds of years researching and manufacturing the movement, and they have created the soul of the watch with a chronograph, in which the seconds hand always moves very soft. seamless and seamless, with no stopping intervals. This is the most special thing that no fake watches. As for fake watches, the seconds hand when moving often jerky seamlessly, ticking ticks, ticking like a wall clock at home.

Checking for signs of carving and stamping: The engraving and stamping on the shell must be sharp, uniform, not smudged. Genuine goods often stamp the symbol at the knob and engrave or imprint the symbol at the buckle. At the bottom of the clock are often engraved with numbers, the numbers, this word must have a shallow depth of uniformity and must see a balance (this sign must be seen regularly to be able to detect because the level 2 fake goods also do relatively similar to the real thing).

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