Rolex Datejust 41: Perfect upgrade of Rolex Datejust II

Since its launch in 1945, Datejust has been a spearhead collection of Rolex. And referring to the Datejust, we must mention the legendary 36mm size of this model.

However, things must always develop and the Datejust is no exception to this rule. Over time, the tastes of users gradually towards larger watches, and the Datejust’s 36mm diameter is gradually becoming smaller. Therefore, Rolex decided to introduce a larger version of the Datejust: Datejust II line.

After a few years of introducing the Datejust II, Rolex replaced this design with the Datejust 41. The Datejust 41 in size is not much different from the Datejust II, but inside there is a lot to say. In this article, we will compare the two versions of Datejust II and Datejust 41 only.

Rolex Datejust 41 116333

The case size is the first thing to mention when talking about these two versions of Datejust. On paper, the Datejust II has a diameter of 40mm, while the Datejust 41 is true to the name, 41mm. However, in fact, these two versions are almost no difference in diameter size.

The noticeable difference of these two designs lies in the ratio between the details such as the bezel or the band. Datejust II has a slightly larger bezel than the Datejust 41. Besides that, the wiring part of the Datejust II model is also different from the Datejust 41. Datejust II is thicker and has a different ratio. much more than the original 36mm version.

In contrast, the Datejust 41 is nearly similar to the Datejust 36, and this also makes the player prefer Datejust 41.With the strap, Datejust II is not supported as much as Datejust 41. This version has only Oyster straps without Jubilee strings like the Datejust 41. However, the Datejust II has a strong point that lies in the support of the third unit. Rubber B rubber brand (which Gia Bao is currently a genuine distributor) has only produced the version for the Datejust II line.

There aren’t too many differences in appearance, the real difference of the two Datejust lines lies within the mechanical movement. The Datejust II, coded 1163XX, uses a slightly modified Caliber 3136 movement from the familiar Caliber 3135, which has been trusted by Rolex for decades. Meanwhile, the Datejust 41 series with the code 1263XX uses the new Caliber 3235 movement, with more improvements.

Caliber 3136 bên trong mẫu đồng hồ 116333

With Caliber 3136, Rolex only made a few minor changes such as the addition of the Paraflex shock absorbers, along with the larger chassis design to suit the use in large case sizes. However, these changes are too small compared to Caliber 3235.

Caliber 3235

It is said to be an improvement, but the fact is that Rolex has changed up to 90% of the components inside Caliber 3135 to create Caliber 3235. They not only make a few small upgrades, but they change and upgrade each small components to provide a better stability, along with the ability to operate more efficiently than the previous version. With Caliber 3235, Rolex has applied up to 14 patents to bring the highest performance of this movement.

The most important difference is the Chronergy escapement, which helps regulate energy from the case, enabling the watch to work in the desired rhythm. Only this mechanism has helped to increase the operational efficiency of the apparatus by 15%. The escapement has always been a hard-to-manipulate part of the watch movement, and it only transfers one-third of the energy received from the case to the movement, which means the remaining energy is lost. Half of the Caliber 3235’s additional wind duration also comes from the use of this Chronergy escapement.

Another improvement comes from the movement’s winding case. Usually, in order to increase the time of the burrs, manufacturers have to increase the size of the casks in proportion, and this also makes the movement larger. However, Rolex has doubled the caliber time of Caliber 3135 (48 hours) without increasing the size of the case. Part of this is done by reducing the thickness of the winding case.

Another new feature of the 3235 is in the Parachrom blue filament. As we all know, this part has been used for a long time in the 3135, but now has been upgraded and improved in the 3235. The filament is made of Niobium and Zirconium alloys, unchanged from field or temperature. According to Rolex, Parachrom blue filament is 10 times more accurate than conventional filament.

The gear system of Caliber 3235 has also been improved

In addition to the above mechanisms, the gear system of Caliber 3235 has also been improved to provide better efficiency, more durability. To accomplish this, in addition to changing the design, Rolex also uses a new type of lubricant that can be used longer without maintenance. Rolex is the only watch brand in the world capable of producing lubricants on its own, and this shows that they are serious about their pursuit of extreme precision.

As you can see, the biggest difference between the Datejust II and the Datejust 41 lies within the watch movement, and this also makes many people more devoted to the Datejust 41. However, there are also many players who spend affection for the Datejust II model, which is an “intermediary” version that helps Rolex take the next development steps. As for you, whichever model you prefer, please leave your comment.

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