Why do high-end watches need maintenance?

There are many people who think that: Having spent a huge amount of money to buy watches already, why still have to take them for regular maintenance and repair. But the cost of maintaining a watch, especially a complicated watch over the years, sometimes makes you forget about the original price of that watch.

On the other hand, taking the watch for maintenance is really a sign worth celebrating. The watch has been with you for many years, sharing your joys and sorrows with you. Many shoppers also enjoy having their watches serviced, of course, with a bit of a nuisance.

The Rolex Submariner is often referred to as a timepiece that represents durability, but despite its durability, all mechanical items need regular maintenance and care. Most high-end watch companies will recommend that they be serviced every three to five years to ensure smooth operations, as well as protection from other impacts. But is this advice really accurate?

Why do watches need maintenance?

Whether or not the maintenance service is needed depends on your watch company. The difference lies in whether the watch is powered by an external purchase or is it a product of in-house manufacturing. This makes a clear difference between the durability of watches.

Usually, most major brands confidently declare that they have enough watch parts to rebuild the watch within 30 years of purchase. It’s been a long time, but it’s all you want to know when deciding to invest a large sum of money.

Hundreds of clock elements interact with each other every second just to make the hand movement on the dial. That means there are thousands of opportunities every hour that are likely to go astray, causing malfunction. To ensure the smooth running of the parts, watch manufacturers have used special lubricants for those parts subjected to friction. Over time, this lubricant will dry out, and will quickly solidify if dirt or small objects are cut into them. When small particles get into the lubricant, that area can affect the details that the lubricant is already protected.

For example, a small piece of copper breaking from a gear when the watch is hit hard will not cause the time reporting process to be affected immediately. Small pieces of debris running around the mechanism can cause minor damage, but must after a long time. But if, the broken piece meets the lubricant, it will stick there, and build up gradually. The risk from here would not be foreseen, if they came in constant contact with the wheels. Even when the wheels are made of steel (much harder than copper), prolonged and repeated contact will cause the surfaces of those parts to become rough, increasing the friction they suffer.

Problems related to lubricants and shock absorbers can be solved with regular watch maintenance. Even if watches don’t show problems on the surface, that doesn’t mean they are fine inside. A bit of damage from small gears (which could be dirt, or small scratches) can be just a small catalyst that will affect the main frame later.

The main frame damage is the serious wear and tear associated with the movement. The main frame is related to all other parts, and the fact that it is broken is something every watch owner should avoid. The main frame is not only expensive, but it also takes time to repair. Not only does the clock lose its value, but the originality of the watch is gone. Changing a random third wheel to the same detail is the same, but changing the main frame is different. For those who repair, replacing the main frame takes a lot of time.

Most brands will buy and equip their watches. Out-of-box units will have a simple structure. These types of machines will have a dual benefit, such as: These conventional machines are usually available from other brands and nearly all service centers are available for replacement parts and they are often not. too complicated. That, when the watch is broken, or damaged, it is not a big problem, nor need to have the watch regularly maintained within 3 years.

But with complicated movements from prestigious manufacturers (such as Patek Philippe watches), you need not be afraid. They are capable of repairing and maintaining watches that have extended their names for centuries.

But with new brands, which also bring complicated watches, trust needs to be reconsidered. High-tech brands that focus on new materials, advanced mechanisms will not be able to guarantee the source of raw materials, replacement parts. So if you regularly wear a watch, have it regularly serviced, which makes it possible to operate for years.

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